Monday is Memorial Day

Which means, among other things, that camping season is officially here. If you’re heading to the bush this weekend make sure to stop by the camping pastry section of the site for ideas on fireside sweets!

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4 Responses to Monday is Memorial Day

  1. Jane says:

    Camping season is only now here? Some of us were out in western PA in tents last week, and off in the woods in the sleet!

    Pulling together a spit for making chimney cake is a definite must-do for this camping season, though. I feel a definite need to upgrade my in-camp desserts this year.

    • joepastry says:

      Notice I said “officially”…camping definitely can be an anytime thing!

      Let me know how the spit-making goes!

      - Joe

  2. BrianShaw says:

    I’ll be at home — too many family comittments to go camping. But I’ll be baking something special and consuming that plus some BBQ in memory of those who fell in service to our great country.

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