A Taxonomy of Doughnuts

Reader Jim sent me this exhaustive rundown of all the various American doughnut species, helpfully put together by folks at Serious Eats. There’s some pretty scary stuff in there, especially toward the bottom. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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5 Responses to A Taxonomy of Doughnuts

  1. Helena says:

    The most delicious doughnut I’ve ever tasted is a mix between the Longjohn and topped doughnut: the maple bacon bar. I’m not sure whether or not Portland’s Voodoo Doughnuts invented them. But regardless, they’re AMAZING (like eating pigs in a blanket or dipping your bacon in pancake syrup). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maple_bacon_donut

    • joepastry says:

      Oh yes, I extolled the praises of that very thing a while back: ww.joepastry.com/2010/all_hail_the_bacon_doughnut/

      Talk about a guilty pleasure. Wow. Only in America.

  2. Ann P. says:

    I love the Serious Eats people! This article is pretty extensively amazing. I LOL’ed at the German “Krapfen,” doughnut because even though I’m a college-educated adult, potty humor never ceases to win me. :)

  3. Heather says:

    Awesome list – has inspired me to make some again :)

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