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Making Fig Jam

Didn’t expect this, did you? Well I happened to receive a quantity of figs yesterday. They were very small and ripe, so action was called for. Fig jam is incredibly easy to make since you don’t have to worry about gelling like you do with most fruit jams. Figs are plenty thick and sugary in their natural state. The only issue you have with figs is — depending on how large they are — softening their thick skins. These were small and ripe so they didn’t need much softening. I had just 1 1/2 pounds.

I put them in a medium saucepan with the zest and juice of half a lemon…

…then gave them a brief mash (you don’t have to do this if you’d rather have more of a “preserve” with large pieces of fruit).

I added 1 cup of sugar and brought the whole thing to a simmer over medium heat, then turned the heat down to low.

The jam should simmer for at least fifteen minutes, but can go for up to an hour of the skins are really thick.

Simmer the jam until it reaches the thickness you want. Once the skins are soft, dribble a little onto a plate that’s been in the freezer for a while and is good and cold. Let it sit for 1 minute, and decide if it’s thick enough. If not, keep simmering…but be careful not to reduce it to glue!

This jam can be canned according to the directions in the techniques menu. Alternately it can be frozen in small plastic freezer bags for up to six months.

This recipe can be doubled to:

3 pounds ripe figs
2 cups sugar
zest and juice of 1 lemon

Use a large pot for this size batch.

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