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Whipped Ganache

Here’s another buttercream alternative that’s extremely easy. It’s standard ganache, a 50-50 combination of chocolate and heavy cream by weight — only whipped! You start by making the ganache, any quantity you wish, you can use either standard or white chocolate.

Cool it using an ice bath…

…not to the point that it’s firm. You want it cool so it doesn’t separate in the mixer, but not clay-like. Sorta pudding-like, like this:

Then just put it in a mixer fitted with a whip…

And whip until it’s frosting consistency, about 30 seconds to a minute.

Easy no? But be careful not to over-whip it, which is easy to do. Like whipped cream, it can easily turn to butter — chocolate butter. It’s nice on toast, but not very useful as a frosting or filling.

Whipped ganache is also temperature-sensitive, so be careful of that. It’ll want to firm up on you, especially in a cool environment, so if you’re planning on using it as a frosting, apply it promptly.

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