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On Simple Icing

I’ve had several requests to put up a recipe for this over the years, but for some reason have never done it. Probably because I usually just eyeball simple (also called “five finger”) icing, combining powdered sugar and water until I get a texture that suits me. Last week’s king cake project spurred quite a few extra requests for a formal recipe. So here it is!

For every pound of powdered sugar, add three ounces of water and mix by hand in a bowl or in the bowl of a mixer fitted with a beater (a whip will introduce too much air into the icing).

Stir until smooth and even. This icing can be flavored and/or colored however you wish. Add in a quarter teaspoon of extract per pound of sugar, plus as many drops of food color as are necessary to get the desired effect!

This icing is great for simple home baking jobs like iced cookies, Danishes and coffee cakes. You’ll be surprised how little icing a pound of powdered sugar actually yields!

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