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How to Make Crème Fraîche

By popular demand, an easy and clear recipe for this very handy pastry component. As you can see, the home-made stuff has a very nice, thick consistency, especially after it’s been well chilled (as this has). A home made version of sour cream is what it is. Begin by pouring about 2/3 cup of cream into a bowl.

Cut it with about 1/3 cup milk.

Add a splorp of buttermilk OR sour cream OR crème fraîche (which is to say about a tablespoon)…

…and stir it in. Let it sit for 12 hours at room temperature in a relatively warm place…

…and here’s what you get. A very thick and homogenous goo that won’t “break” like, say, home made yogurt. It is in fact a very interesting consistency…almost stretchy. It tastes, well…you’ll see. Fantastic.

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