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Making a Frozen Bombe

A classic bombe is made from pig iron and gunpowder ice cream and sponge cake. However the filling need not be ice cream to still qualify as a frozen bombe. Here I’m using frozen mousse for the interior which is an easier thing for the home cook to produce, even though it is a little extra rich. (Not always a bad thing).

Bombes almost always have at least two flavors of chilled/frozen filling in the interior. As you’ll see from how I put this together, adding layers is easy…two, three, four, whatever! All you need are round forms or bowls of different sizes. Since I’m going to do two flavors, I have two round molds here: an 8-cup bombe mold and a 3-cup. So what’s that extra cereal bowl there for?

A stand.

Here I’m filling the bigger of the two forms with a double batch of chocolate mousse. Nice so far, no?

Now I’m inserting the smaller of the bowls and pressing down until the mousse comes up almost all the way toward the lip.

Smooth it out a little. OK! Done…freeze that at least 8 hours. Overnight is better.

What…morning already? I don’t feel like I slept at all. Oh well. Take your frozen mold out and pour tepid water into the smaller mold to help it release. Give it a twist with both hands and…

…THERE she goes.

Now just do a little smoothing around that lip…

…and fill the center with your next filling. This is a mint white chocolate mousse, but a fruit mousse like raspberry would be stellar here, as would pistachio. This particular bombe is Kentucky Derby-themed.

Smooth it out so it’s roughly even. Now return the whole thing to the freezer while you attend to your cake layer(s).

Here I have a sheet of flourless chocolate bombe base. Also a cardboard cake round. As it happens an 8″ round is there perfect size an 8 cup mold. We’ll cut one circle here:

And one here:

Using a serrated knife cut the sheet in two…

…then make cuts all the way around.

At this point you can add another flavor dimension with a little cake syrup. This is simple syrup with some Kentucky bourbon added to it (remember the Derby theme).

Retrieve the bombe and top it with the cake layers (bottom upward), trimming them a little to fit if need be. Now put the cake circle on the top and put the whole thing in the freezer. Again, overnight is ideal.

Wow the days are just flying by, aren’t they? Is it Friday already? Fill a large bowl with warm water.

Here I’m dipping the bombe in it almost up to the rim. You want to let it sit maybe fifteen or twenty seconds before you try to get it to release.

Set it on a rack, jiggle it some and…

…schloop! Out it comes. If it’s being stubborn just dip it again. A couple of gentle raps of the rim on a counter are OK too, just make sure you’re supporting the bottom!

Smooth out any unevenness with an icing spatula.

Store it in the freezer until you’re ready to apply your glaze. Pour it on the very center and let it run down, you’ll be surprised at how well the glaze covers with just one shot.

Let the bombe set up for at least ten minutes. At that point you can serve it or return it to the freezer until you’re ready to serve. I should mention that you can also simply store it in the refrigerator and let it thaw before serving. It’ll take about two hours. Chilled, the mousse will hold its shape just fine. Slice and serve!

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