Back on the Road

For a couple of days, anyway. It’s just as well, those were all the thickeners I could find in the shops around town. More from me next week! – Joe

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4 Responses to Back on the Road

  1. Nancy says:

    Excellent series, Joe! I now have a much better understanding of why some thickeners work easily and why others get ornery. But who knew there were so many choices!?!

    • joepastry says:

      Hey Nancy! Thanks very much! There are many more still, especially when you get into the more industrial hydrocolloids, but I can only test the patience of my readership for so long!

      Cheers and feel free to ask me anything about any of these posts — I’ll do my best to answer!

      - Joe

  2. LML says:

    This series left me wondering about the possibility of making at home something similar to the transparent colored decorating gels available in small tubes at U.S. grocery stores. Thickener + food color? Thickener + sugar + food color?

    • joepastry says:

      Very interesting idea, LML! I’ll be you could come close to something like that in your own kitchen — now that you know more about gelling agents! I’d be curious to see the ingredient labels myself. Might be fun to try!

      Thanks for a cool idea!

      - Joe

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