Does Bavarian cream come from Bavaria or not?

No. Probably not. Maybe not. It’s hard to say, for the origin of Bavarian cream is murky to say the very least. It’s claimed by some French authorities that Bavarian Cream — classically known as fromage Bavarois in French — was brought to France by a French chef who had worked in Bavaria. Not surprisingly, there’s no evidence at all for that. The first Bavarian cream recipes appear in print in French in the early 1800′s, again around the time of Carême.

The issue is further complicated by the fact that the legendary French chef, Georges Auguste Escoffier, claimed that a “Bavarian” (“Bavarois”) was actually a Russian invention that rightly deserved the name “Muscovite.” Yet it seems that in this instance what Escoffier was talking about was a drink, a concoction of hot tea, milk, egg yolks, sugar and Kirsch. Now THAT will warm you up on a cold Moscow morning, eh?

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