Homemade Nutella Recipe

The wife, being a chocoholic bar none, commented that I haven’t made any “real desserts” in a while, meaning of course that I haven’t done anything with chocolate. So, to entice you choco-fiends back into the fold, I think it’s time for an oldie but a goodie: crêpes with Nutella and bananas. But since I hate paying for things I can make for a whole lot cheaper, we’ll get the crêpe recipe from here, and we’ll make our Nutella from scratch. Here’s the recipe:

Homemade Nutella

4 ounces toasted, peeled hazelnuts
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
3 tablespoons powdered sugar
1 tablespoon cocoa powder
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
12 ounces melted milk chocolate

Put hazelnuts and oil into the bowl of a food processor and grind to a smooth paste. Stop the machine and add the remaining ingredients. Start the machine let it run for 3-5 minutes until the spread is as smooth and uniform as possible. Keeps at least a month at room temperature.

The bananas we’ll leave to mother nature.

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13 Responses to Homemade Nutella Recipe

  1. Diogo says:

    Hello Joe!

    Thank YOU for this recipe! It turns out better than described! ^^

    Still, just for my own curiosity, how much does Nutella cost over there? Because here it is quite cheap… Actually, that amount of hazelnuts here is more expensive than a 400 g bottle of Nutella!


    • joepastry says:

      Great news, Diogo!

      Nutella isn’t terribly expensive (about $4.50 US for a 400 g jar). The only trouble is it’s not available everywhere. Hence the need for a recipe over here! ;)

      - Joe

  2. Manfred Fourestier says:

    Hi Joe,
    Because I have used your site for many baking ideas, and find it to be exceptional and written in both an informative and entertaining manner, i will let you in on a little secret. Use a “meat grinder”!!!
    First with large holes then moving to the smaller ones, mixing with powdered sugar after the first grind. By grinding you release the oils and develop a smooth paste.
    SECRET No. 2: This method is how to make no egg, no cook marzipan! grind the almonds with powdered sugar until it is an nice smooth putty and add a few drops of rose water at the end (if desired)
    Processors are good for flour but not marzipan (or nutella in my opinion) GREAT SITE KEEP IT UP!

    • joepastry says:

      Wonderful, Manfred! Thanks so much for sharing your secret.

      I shall employ that this very week!

      In gratitude,

      - Joe

  3. Kenny says:

    Hi Joe! Hazlenut oil rather than vegetable oil if one has it? Or no? Also, can you sub the hazlenuts for another nut, say almonds? Thanks!

    • joepastry says:

      Very interesting idea, Kenny! I’d say all hazelnut oil might make an overly-strong spread, but that’s just a guess. Functionally it will work just fine. I’d say try a 50-50 blend of hazelnut and vegetable oil and see what you think!

      Please get back to me with results!

      - Joe

  4. Kenny says:

    Granted, it wouldn’t be nutella, but I was curious if one can make it work for certain applications where you would want a different nut

  5. Kenny says:

    Well I followed this recipe with blanched toasted almonds instead of hazlenuts, and it was delicious. I used 2 tablespoons of canola oil and one of almond oil. I would guess a higher ratio of almond oil would have been too much, and this would probably apply to the original hazlenut version

    • joepastry says:

      Fascinating…great experiment and thanks for checking back with me on it!


      - Joe

  6. Stephanie says:

    Has anyone ever tried this with hazelnut meal rather than hazelnuts? I have the former, but not the latter right now.

    • joepastry says:

      Hey Stephanie!

      I would think that would work very well. Get back to me on it!


      - Joe

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